Protection Car Spray
Protection Car Spray
Protection Car Spray
Protection Car Spray
Protection Car Spray
Protection Car Spray

Protection Car Spray

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Car Coating Spray Coat Ceramic Coating Car Wax Polish 100ML Car Wash And Wax Hydrophobic Top Coat 3 In 1 Quick High Protection




1. Cleaning and polishing: Using our three in one high protection rapid coating spray is the simplest, fastest and most effective way to clean, restore and polish cars.

2. Protective coating: Ceramic coating spraying is the best partner for automobiles, saving time and money. Easily remove dirt and grease, repair scratches, and form a diamond like protective coating, giving your car a new look and maintaining its luster for several months.

3. Simple and fast: Just spray this bottle of 1 in 3 ceramic coating on the car paint, and contact can immediately remove dirt, dirt, bird droppings, insects, mud, dust, grease, and stubborn stains, making the car wash shiny and shiny.

4. Durable Protection: Using advanced nanotechnology formulas, your car's surface forms a protective coating that lasts for several months and provides a long-lasting shine. Remove water stains, oxidation, and many other pollutants that may damage the car paint.

5. Advanced paint repair: It can repair car wear and scratches, while restoring the car's luster. It adds hydrophobicity and scratch resistance to the surface of your car.

6. This durable 1-in-3 fast coating spray is designed specifically for solid coverage on vehicles that require a glossy surface. Suitable for cars, ships, motorcycles, RVs, four wheeled motorcycles, glass, etc.


Net content: 30ml/100ml

Set size: 17 * 7.3 * 4.2cm

Material: PE 

Product size: 10.8 * 2.8cm/17.1 * 3.8cm